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Rakit Electronic Kits

Last night, while browsing for something else entirely, I came across RAKITS. They make interesting electronic music kits, such as Drum Synth, Mini Sequencer, Atari Punk console, ect. I’m most interested in the drum synth, which is a clone of the AMDEK PC-2 from years ago. It has a trigger input, so I can hook … Read more

Australian Flu.

All work has currently stalled due to me having an attack of H3N2. At least I’ve got the bloody site working again after it all went pear-shaped last week.

I noticed yesterday that all the ebay links at the bottom of the posts were returning a “forbidden” error. The links were generated by the “wordbay” plugin, which I’ve been using for years, but has now been superceded by something much better. However, I used wordbay as I was in at the start, and therefore … Read more

The ‘mare continues..

I ordered a replacement battery holder for the DR-55. Firstly, it’s too long. I can force it into place, but need pliers to get it back out. Not ideal. I’m going to have to swap it out with the version without the pp3 battery clip. But that’s not the worst. The DR-55 doesn’t work!. It … Read more

News Update | Boss DR-55 | Casio CZ1000 | Yamaha PSS 560 | Amstrad NC100

News Update Aargh! I’m having a ‘mare! Boss DR-55 I came across my mint DR-55 in my drawer at work. I haven’t looked at this for maybe 8 years!.. Got it home and the bloody battery holder is missing.. I must have “borrowed” it for another machine. I have ordered a couple of spares.. Check … Read more

New Feature: Syndicated Video Posts

I’ve implemented a new feature: Syndicated video posts.. I regularly refer to videos by Markus Fuller and Synthesiser Dave, for example both have videos on the Korg Delta (Remember that one? I still haven’t got around to it..) So I’ve set this up so I can pull in links to their videos on Youtube. Clicking … Read more