ARP Axxe Owners Manual

Scanned, PDF copy of the original owner’s manual.

ARP Axxe Service Manual

Scanned PDF copy of the ARP Axxe Service Manual.

Cheetah MD8 Drum Machine Instruction Manual

PDF Download. 1 File.

EDC SR-99 Drum Machine Operating Instructions

This was created by dismantling and scanning an original EDC (Electro Dynamics Corporation) SR-99 Operating Instructions guide, scanning it, and then processing it in Photoshop. […]

EKOSYNTH P15 User Guide

Scanned PDF Version of original file.

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JHS SD-1 Drum Synth User Manual

JHS SD-1 Synth Drum User Manual Scanned, cleaned-up and made into a PDF.

Korg 770 Synthesizer Service Manual

PDF Download. 1 file.

Korg 770 Synthesizer User Manual

PDF Download. 1 File. 14 Pages

Korg Delta Owner’s Manual

Korg Delta Owner’s Manual (PDF) FREE