** Update: This is one of those “sitting in a box somewhere” projects **

Latest project: EDC SR-99..

I bought this in one of those “itchy-trigger-finger” eBay moments.
It didn’t have a battery holder, and the battery clip was about to fall apart.

However, it DID have the user manual and sample patterns. And a box.
The parts were £2.10 all-in.


To fit the replacement clip PROPERLY required a total dismantle job. I’d forgotten what absolute sods these machines are! 10 minutes to disassemble, two minutes soldering an hour to get it back together.

Anyhow, it works. I now know how it SHOULD work, so I can compare it with my (maybe not) dead SR-99 in THE BOX..

EDC SR-99 video
EDC SR-99 mp3

Right Now on eBay 

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