S10430 chips & life in general

Hi All,

I’ve been getting quite a bit of interest in these chips, and yes, I know I said I would get around to testing the chips I have, but everything went to hell last year.

Not just covid-related, either – I had a complete job-change after 20 years working for the same employer.. God, I wish I had made the move years ago..  I LOVE my new job (IFS ERP specialist /Oracle database dba –  if that means anything to anyone?) but the day-job is now a lot more demanding/interesting/important than before, hence less time, despite working from home since December 2019..

Anyway,  things are coming together again, and I WILL get around to testing the chips, assuming that my Korg Delta testbed machine still works..

And to all the people who have messaged me via the “contact” form – my replies will be hitting your right inboxes about now.

Stay safe out there!

Paul (Synteknik.Com)


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