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Boss DR-55 capacitor change to allow use of TC4011B chips..

From a thread on electro-music forum: “The CD4011 is a bit fussy … a few years ago I repaired one of these machines with a bad 4011, and the replacement I used caused pattern writing to work incorrectly. A different 4011 fixed the problem.” “I had the same problem for long time until have found … Read more

Hohner EK 2: All sounds now working. Just about..

I spent an hour tinkering tonight..I now have all sounds working: piano, harpsichord, electric piano, bass, brass, and.. tada.. strings. Piano was a wobbly connector, and strings have a dodgy capacitor on the crescendo function (I think) Turned that off, and.. beautiful strings.. Still need to replace a load of sliders and sort out a … Read more

Hohner EK2 – First Look

I almost called it a synthesizer.. but really,  it’s not. But it IS analog (“analogue” – in English) and it has a “Strings” section. In fact, it has several “sections”: Piano (not working) Piano Electric Piano Harpsichord String (Very quiet) Strings Brass (Working) Brass Mute Bass (Working) Bass The complication here is that there are … Read more

Introducing my new Hohner International EK2 Synthesizer project..

I just bought a Hohner EK 2 synthesiser!This will be my main project after I finish the Korg Delta. I am pretty excited by this, although I know only the bass section currently works. I am familiar with this kind of technology so it’s not that scary, although I did have a Hohner string machine … Read more

EDC SR-99 Project – TC5514 memory chip replacement.

I finally got around to replacing the memory chip. I bought two from vintage planet on (Hi Senso!), which arrived very quickly. Unfortunately so did the ‘flu.. Anyway, I whipped the memory chip out using my usual Duratool Soldering kit and desoldering pump. 5 minutes max, I’m getting good at this now! I was … Read more

Rakit Electronic Kits

Last night, while browsing for something else entirely, I came across RAKITS. They make interesting electronic music kits, such as Drum Synth, Mini Sequencer, Atari Punk console, ect. I’m most interested in the drum synth, which is a clone of the AMDEK PC-2 from years ago. It has a trigger input, so I can hook … Read more