[For Sale] Korg microKontrol MC-1

Korg microKontrol MC-1

I’m selling my [mint] Korg microKontrol midi controller.
I bought this years ago, but never used it.

Complete with everything it originally came with..

Grab yourself a bargain..

Korg microKontrol MC-1

[For Sale] Gakken SX-150 Mk1. Not working. [Update]

Gakken SX-150 Mk1. Not working.

Gakken SX-150 Mk1. Not working.

This was on ebay, but all I got was a non-paying bidder. Tried again with no results.
Anyone interested, e-mail me..
[After 5.8.2018]

Gakken SX-150 problems.

Years ago, I bought a non-working Gakken SX-150. Tonight, I finally got around to trying to get it working.Switching it on lights up the led, so that’s a good start. However, there’s no sound output. Either via the built-in speaker or the "output" socket.
I’ve had the meter on the innards, and there is power to the board. There’s a voltage difference of about half a volt across the Variable resistor track, and the end of the stylus is about 3 volts
I’m a bit stuck now.. no amount of fiddling with switches makes any difference.
I’ll do a bit of research and see what happens.

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[FOR SALE] Vintage Organ Chips IC M259EB1A “16 Rhythm Generator”

As I mentioned last week, I acquired a joblot of AMI S10430 chips (untested), and the seller (not eBay, before you look it up) threw in a couple of these vintage organ chips.

They are SGS M259EB1A, if that means anything to you?

I don’t think they are of any use to me, so I’ve put them up for sale on eBay. There are a couple of other sellers, but they are in Italy, so not really competing with them.

The only info I could find was right here on this site, on the Vintage Chips pages! Here’s the link..

Granted it’s not much, but it does name the organs they were used in. No schematics or pinouts though. Here’s the link to that..

M259 EB 1A (SGS , ST Integrated Circuit M259EB1A)
Chip Name: M259 EB 1A (SGS , ST Integrated Circuit M259EB1A)
Description: M259 EB1A – 16 Rhythm Generator (DIP40)

Associated Instruments:
ELKA Elka 18
EMINENT F220 , F225
SOLINA F220 , F225
HOHNER Symphonic 82
HOHNER Symphonie 76 , 78 , 80
HOHNER Caravelle 610 De Luxe
LOGAN Caravelle 610 De Luxe
ORLA Sonatina , Sonatina-L
VISCOUNT Broadway Music Maker
VISCOUNT Hollywood

Here’s the link..


[SOLD] Mattel Synsonics Drum Machine

Working order, and I will include a proper printed copy of the service manual, which has operating instructions. You need this, as it’s not obvious how it works.

Note that some idiot has written on the drum pads.

Here’s the link..

S10430 and m259eb1 chips.

I have acquired EIGHT untested AMI S10430 and TWO untested SGS m259eb1 chips.

The AMI chips are keyer/divider chips as used in the Korg Delta, which is what I will be using for testing.

The SGS chips are described as “16 rhythm generator” chips, as used in many organs. I tried all sorts of searches on the web before I realised that the info was on SynTeknik.Com, in the vintage chips section. I need to get that indexed properly. I have no idea how to test these, or what they are worth..

** Update: The M259EB1A chips are now listed on eBay. See the For Sale section.. **

Another DR-55, and a couple of Soundmasters, added to the list..

Found a box in the garage containing a (dead) DR-55, an SR-88 (untested), and an ST-305 (untested).

SO, I now have THREE DR-55s (at least), one of which works. Also, an untested SR-88, broken SR-99, untested ST-305 (I suspect broken, because it’s in the same box..)

This was lurking behind a BIG (dead) 90s Roland, the EK2 and the CS1000.  Must DO something about those.

There is also a microKorg chassis lurking in there (with keyboard). Forgot about that.

There is also a (working) Roland SH1000, (working) Korg m500, (dead) Maestro Rhythm Jester, and god-only-know what else..

Oh, and the Delta. 🙂



AMI S10430 Keyer / Divider chips.. And more..

This is a longish story, but I have now tracked down some NOS (New old-stock) AMI S10430 chips.

If you recall the original story, I needed one for my Korg Delta, but couldn’t find any. I then found a (REALLY COOL) guy in Holland who had FOUR untested chips. We did a deal, where I got one chip, and sold the other three for him (after testing). That worked out really well except for the stupidly long gap in the middle where I did absolutely naff-all. (Other projects, bah!)

Anyway, I found a link on a forum where another guy said he may have a couple of untested chips. I got in touch, and when he looked into it he actually had EIGHT, plus some other stuff. We’ve done a deal, and I bought the lot, untested.

I still have the Korg Delta with the socketed S10430 (IC3), so I CAN test them. I plan to keep some as spares, and sell some on. Depends on how many work..Watch this space. I MAY use eBay again, or just sell from this site.

I’m quite interested in the “other stuff” he’s bundling with the S10430s. These are described as “rhythm generators on a chip.”.  Again, watch this space..



[SOLD] Korg 05R/W Synthesiser Module

Korg 05R/W Synthesiser module.

Half-rack digital synthesizer module based on Korg’s 01W series using AI2 synthesis.
The 05R/W contains 340 multi-sampled waveforms, providing all you basically need for modern music production – especially pop/rock/dance.
It is 8-part multi-timbral (there is – as usual with Korg instruments – a COMBI section where you can store your combinations) and thus can be very effectively used in a MIDI setup.
There are also 164 drum sounds, and many of these are already superbly “produced” (compressed, equalized, enhanced) and ready to be the basis of your drum tracks “from the box”. The drum sounds are also fully editable.
GM (General MIDI) is also present, as a bank in the PROG section. The sounds starting with the letter “G” follow the GM protocol and can be used with thousands of available MIDI files.

Google it for more details.. there are also demo videos on YouTube. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7D4ytX4qng

This item includes the original manual and quick start guide. The manual has a name scrawled on it, and the quick start guide has a ripped cover. But they are original.
The manuals are also available on the Korg website: http://www.korg.com/us/support/download/product/1/4/
The manual is massive and very detailed.

I will also include the power adapter, which is not original.

The unit is fully working and tested.

Item will be shipped by a tracked shipping service with full insurance.

Click Here to view the auction..