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New Merch for sale!

I have started a line of merch with

To start the ball rolling, I have uploaded the “NerveJam” “Synth” logo. This is a doodle I drew in a boring IT meeting, many years ago.

There are two versions: light and dark. Take your pick..

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SynTeknik Merch on 

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Update : AMI S10430 chips

I have a box of untested AMI S10430 chips.

I also have a (semi-working) Korg Delta with a socket for an S10430..

What I didn’t have until recently was TIME.  For reasons I’m not going to elaborate on, that changed. I now have three weeks before time becomes an issue again..

Hopefully, I can get on with testing those chips and get them up for sale, either here or on eBay.

Watch this space!

I will be contacting anyone who has e-mailed me about these chips FIRST, such as Pavel..


Right Now on eBay

FOR SALE – BRAND NEW – IK Multimedia Uno Synths- ANALOG!

Due to a complicated bit of jiggery-pokery, which is unlikely to become clear again in the foreseeable future, I am selling TWO brand-new IK Multimedia Uno synths.
Naturally I am undercutting the standard IKM price of £199.99. My price is £175 including UK shipping.

Click here to view my ebay listing for these two items..

Don’t hang about.


Soulsby Synths – ATMegaTron – MiniATMegaTron

I have added Soulsby Synths to the “Links” section.

You REALLY need to see this – a range of synthesisers based on Arduino hardware and using 8-bit technology.

The ATMegaTron stands out – it’s really four synths in one – you can change the software and overlays.. I want the special edition OdyTron..


There’s also a cut-down, kit version called the MiniATMegaTRon..

I am considering BOTH.. however my funds are locked into Amazon, and there is NO Soulsby gear on there..



Right Now on eBay

Haynes Build Your Own Mini Amp Kit (Review)

Silent Witness was “doing my head in”, so I thought I’d build this Haynes Amplifier Kit.

I bought it at 75% discount, but hey, it’s Haynes, so it must be ok?
Turns out it’s made under license by a German firm.
Took about an hour, but that’s only because I had wire cutters/strippers. Without them it would have been TWO hours.
  1. The board is too big for the space between the speaker and the volume control. I had to install it upside down and skewed.
  2. You need wire strippers/cutters. Not made clear.
  3. The volume control is wonky unless you install the washer underneath instead of outside.
  4. The wires on the speaker, volume control, and aux jack are too long. You need to bend them so the case will shut.
  5. Same applies to the resistors and capacitors, you need to bend them to clear the case. Or cut them. See 2, above.
  6. There’s no way to secure the battery. I pritt-sticked it in place, but that will not last.. poor!
  7. You need a really small flat screwdriver to attach the volume knob. Not mentioned anywhere.
On a positive note, it worked first time. More by luck than judgement.  I need to look  at increasing the gain by swapping resistors..
The list price for this item is around £20.. I reckon £10 would be a fairer price.
The instructions are rubbish, printed way too small and in grey rather than black, on white. I needed a magnifier with an led lamp..
Next up will be the Haynes Retro Radio Kit. I have the Advent Calendar version where you get the components day-by-day over 24 days..

Finally, can I point out that this post was NOT sponsored in any way: I bought this kit with my own money.

Haynes Retro Radio Kit Advent Calendar

While I admit I haven’t done any work on any music-related stuff for a while, I HAVE been messing about with one of these:

It’s a new version of the standard Haynes retro radio kit, but with all the components arranged as an advent calendar, so you get new components every day for 24 days. Neat.

Anyway, I have FOUR of these for sale on AMAZON UK, all brand new and sealed. And for less than half the price Haynes were asking..

Click the image or link above if you fancy having a go..


You may also be interested in this: Haynes Retro Camera Kit Advent Calendar

Minor Structure Changes & Verification Update

I’ve rejigged the top menu a bit, as it was getting unwieldy.
The “contact” and “about” pages are now under the “Home” item, and “Cookies” is now under “Legal”.
I have added very prominent “I am not a robot” recaptcha verification to all contact forms.
It’s also added to comments and logins.
(Believe it or not, I was getting spam from contact forms and comments – FFS!)

RANT: Akai Timbre Wolf – Where are the ADSR and LFO?

Right. Here we go.

The Akai Timbre Wolf appears to be a cheap, but capable “analog” synth. It has FOUR separate voices which can be used separately or combined.

There are separate controls for each voice.

There are NO ADSR or LFO controls for any of them!

What the hell use is a synth without LFO or ADSR?

So we have four voices. But you can’t change the ADSR settings and you can’t manipulate the sounds with LFO.

Yes, there are settings for “Decay” and “Filter Envelope”. Where are the LFO and ADSR? Nowhere.