Couldn’t resist | Roland DS-330, Korg Monologue

I bought a scruffy Roland DS-330 (£23) and a Korg Monologue (£117) recently.

The Rolly needed a new PSU (£15) and a good cleanup, along with replacing some missing screws. Works fine.

The Korg seems to work, came with box & psu, but I can’t find the headphone adapter due to the carnage caused by Storm Arwen.  See this post.. got one on order though.

Photos are from the eBay listings. Unfortunately, images are buggered at the moment. Arse.

The Rolly will be going on eBay, but the Korg may be staying. If it does, then the Xiosynth will be going, to make room..


Right Now on eBay 

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