Hohner EK 2 Project

Hohner EK2 – First Look

I almost called it a synthesizer.. but really,  it’s not. But it IS analog (“analogue” – in English) and it has a “Strings” section. In fact, it has several “sections”:…

Hohner EK 2: All sounds now working. Just about..

I spent an hour tinkering tonight..I now have all sounds working: piano, harpsichord, electric piano, bass, brass, and.. tada.. strings. Piano was a wobbly connector, and strings have a dodgy…

Right Now on eBay 

I actually bought this on ebayhttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hohner-K2-International-Synthesizer/401409221743 Bargain!

I’m looking for any information about this machine: there are NO schematics or manuals to be had, anywhere on the web!

Hohner themselves don’t have anything (I asked them), as it was produced for them in Italy (probably ELEX)

Get in touch below if you have any info on this machine!

eBay description: “Very rare Synthesizer. Needs some service. Only bass section works and the fader knobs are missing. It might just need a clean and full service to get it going. Sell it as is. It’s been stored for many years in my storage. Please contact me for any question about the item. Thanks”

I negotiated with the seller: I paid £70 including delivery, and this thing is HEAVY! (> 20Kg)