Korg Monologue – Turned out to be a duffer.. Bit of a review.

See earlier post..

It said in the listing that there had been a problem with the volume control.

It didn’t say that the output was way too low, and if you turned it up, it would distort, crackle and pop.

The listing said “no returns”, but “defective” overrides that, so the Monologue HAS been returned.


Positive points: the sequencer, despite it’s 16-step maximum, and the actual sound is very good. Proper analogue. Very versatile. Like the wood trim. Proper MIDI ports

Negative points: the 16-step maximum.. even the monotribe had double that, and the lack of a proper envelope. But even worse, who the hell decided on the keyboard layout? why doesn’t it start on a “C”? It’s just WRONG. See the photo below? the big white blank area on the left? Try playing “Blue Monday” on that..

No matter, it’s on it’s way back. Would I have another one? Maybe. I need to try the Minilogue and the Microbrute  before that. Yes, I know they are very different animals.


Right Now on eBay 


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