Alesis SR-16 Battery Replacement

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OK, so the replacement battery arrived.

Time to get on with it. I’ve added some photos of the dismantling, but not the actual de-soldering and new battery installation, as my phone battery died, and I needed both hands to do th e work anyway.

Getting the old battery out was the usual hassle involving pliers, pins (to clear the holes), and a de-soldering pump.


  1. Remove volume control.
  2. Remove rear screws (6). Mine had one missing
  3. Lift top casing.
  4. Disconnect ribbon cable.
  5. Remove plastic nuts on output jacks
  6. Remove main board.
  7. De-solder old battery – I used a soldering iron, de-solder pump and pliers
  8. Clean up the three pin holes.
  9. Install new battery – I had to bend the pins a lot..
  10. Re-assemble the unit in reverse order.

Tools needed:

  • Plastic Spudger (To lever volume control off) – don’t use a screwdriver!
  • Cross-head screwdriver to open case
  • Pin (to clear PCB holes)
  • Narrow pliers to force the battery out. Probably in pieces.
  • De-soldering pump. Essential!
  • Solder. Essential

I had to bend the battery pins quite a bit to match the pcb holes, but it worked fine. The new one is a Renata, not Panasonic..

The SR-16 now remembers patterns after the power has been off, so to prove a point, I programmed an electro rhythm pattern and called it q292u, my ebay username..

The unit is now for sale on ebay.. here’s the link..

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Alesis SR-16 drum machine for spares or repair
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ALESIS SR16 Digital Drum Machine