Alesis SR-16 project part 1 | Factory Reset

Alesis SR-16 Factory Reset

I got an Alesis SR-16 from eBay for £20 this week. Complete with (tatty) box and original power supply, plus manuals and quick-start booklet. (Yes, I know they are downloadable, but originals are always nice to have).

The display was showing a series of blocks and wouldn’t respond to the normal reset sequence (Hold Play and Erase on power-up). I wish I’d taken a photo..

Close inspection showed that someone had been inside (one screw missing and one of the plastic socket nuts was loose). Alarm bells. That wasn’t mentioned on the listing!

Anyway, I opened it up and disconnected the multi-pin connector. Checked the internal battery with my mini-meter, which looked OK. The damned things are soldered to the underside of the main board. 🙁

Interestingly, the main board is not attached to the casing in any way.. once you open the case, release the sockets and multi-pin plug, it’s loose!

It was getting late by then, so I reconnected the multi-pin connector and closed up the case.

I thought I’d give it one last go, and guess what? The reset sequence worked!. One working SR-16. I haven’t tried saving any songs, patterns or drum sets, so I don’t know for sure if the backup battery is doing it’s job or not.

Even if I have to solder a new battery in, that’s a £65 (average eBay price) drum machine for £25..
Batteries are readily available on ebay: Alesis SR-16 Replacement Battery (that’s an eBay search, so you’ll get whatever is available NOW..)

One thing, though, the previous owner had used brown parcel tape to stick the tatty old box back together.. WHY? it made a complete mess of it. I’ve removed it all, but that took some of the original top surface with it. Why not use CLEAR tape? Why not leave it alone?

** Sorry – It was late, and I didn’t take any photos as my phone was dead. **

See Alesis SR-16 Project part2 – battery replacement..

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  1. I have now tried entering a (not very good) pattern, switching off and back on.. Erased. Damn. New battery is already on order. 🙁

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