I now have THREE microKorgs..

The problem with the eBay android app is simple: you can use it to manually snipe auctions.
So I found myself walking through the shopping mall casually hitting “buy” on a spares/repairs microKorg.. and winning..

That makes three micros in my possession. Only one of which is 100%.

Time to get some work done..

 (0 bids)
Ends in 6d 2h
Korg microKorg synthesizer / vocoder
Shop: Brighton treasure

Ends in 28d 3h
 Korg MicroKorg XL Synthesizer
 (2 bids)
Ends in 2d 4h
Korg Microkorg S Tabletop Synthesizer

Ends in 26d 23h
korg microkorg xl

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