I thought I had everything sorted.
Q: How difficult could it be to install the microKorg Editor program?
A: Impossible.

The installer kept asking for a “microkorgeditor.msi” file, that simply wasn’t with the downloaded package. I can’t find any reference to the problem on the web, so it has to be a machine-specific problem. Damnit 🙁

Anyhow. No progress was made last week.

THIS week, I have been preparing a replacement machine. It’s Windows 7, twice as fast, twice as much memory, and has two screens.. I’ve already installed FL Studio and the microKorgEditor with no issues.. 🙂

The one problem as the moment is that there’s no sound output.. I probably dislodged the internal sound wiring when I swapped out a dead dvd writer..

The SAGA continues.. Watch this space