Korg Delta DL-50 – Part 3 [Incoming]

Right – just a quick update.. The filter kit arrived at the weekend, and the other bits arrived today, after a bit of hassle with the Yodel man.. left a card and legged it! NO WAY did he knock! anyway, he came back a couple of hours later..


The joystick panel is now installed, and looks the bizz. I’ve popped 3/4 of the replacement fader caps on as well. Nice. Need to install the “new” release slider and trigger mode switch, and of course the filter kit.

It turns out that the s10430 chips ARE socketed. Rah! So I can try swapping them over and see what happens, assuming I can get the bloody things out.. (40-pin DIL format..)



So, here’s the plan:

  1. Fix phones socketĀ 
  2. Fix filter
  3. Fix missing A# notes
  4. Fix broken slider and switch
  5. Cosmetics & replace slider caps.

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