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Korg Delta Project update: Tested OK

I now have the chip in the socket and the board back in the Delta. And it works!When I think about how much potential there was for disaster, how the hell did I get away with it? Tomorrow, maybe, when I have stopped patting myself on the back, I will try the FOUR S10430 chips … Read more

Korg Delta Project update: S10430 removed. Socket in.

So, I got around to it. Desoldered the S10430 using my new soldering iron. Built-in led work light! Oh, and a desoldering pump. Pretty easy. Especially easy because I had an IC Extractor tool.. (Please note: I bought a Duratool Soldering Kit. Includes all the tools and bits I needed –  Except the IC extractor) … Read more

Korg Delta Project Problems

Turns out the S10430 chips are NOT in sockets. So I needed to remove the board. Easy peasy. All the wiring is unpluggable. Then six screws, and.. the corner of the board fell off. Great.This synth has had a few knocks. It also turns out that the RHS end panel has a chunk missing. Now … Read more