AKAI SG01V – MIDI – Explain THIS, then..

OK, so I hooked up my (dodgy) microKorg as a MIDI controller to the SG01V. Plugged the headphones into the SG01V, and played some notes.
And got audio output. Except it’s the microKorg audio, clear as a bell, coming via the SG01V..
That must mean that the mK audio is coming out of the MIDI out.. AND that the SG01V is pivking this up and relaying it to the headphones… WHY?

Irritatingly, I can’t get the MIDI working via FL Studio on the computer. Drat, and double drat..

AKAI SG01V – IT Lives! – Gorgonzola Level Cheese..

You may recall that in a moment of madness, I hit the BUY button on a “possibly broken” Akai SG01V??
It had no PSU so the seller couldn’t check it out. Well, I’ve just checked it with my lab PSU, and it works fine..
There are 5 demo songs on it, and my god are they awful! The drums are interesting though – Simmons SDS!

I bought it because one of the presets is called “Vox Humana”. This is the Holy Grail for Gary Numan fans.. I’m off to find a MIDI keyboard and cable to try it out..