Minor Structure Changes & Verification Update

I’ve rejigged the top menu a bit, as it was getting unwieldy.
The “contact” and “about” pages are now under the “Home” item, and “Cookies” is now under “Legal”.
I have added very prominent “I am not a robot” recaptcha verification to all contact forms.
It’s also added to comments and logins.
(Believe it or not, I was getting spam from contact forms and comments – FFS!)

RANT: Akai Timbre Wolf – Where are the ADSR and LFO?

Right. Here we go.

The Akai Timbre Wolf appears to be a cheap, but capable “analog” synth. It has FOUR separate voices which can be used separately or combined.

There are separate controls for each voice.

There are NO ADSR or LFO controls for any of them!

What the hell use is a synth without LFO or ADSR?

So we have four voices. But you can’t change the ADSR settings and you can’t manipulate the sounds with LFO.

Yes, there are settings for “Decay” and “Filter Envelope”. Where are the LFO and ADSR? Nowhere.



A spurt of activity..

I have bought and sold a Korg MicroKorg XL+,  a Boss DS-330, an iPhone 5c, bought TWO iPhone 5Ss, and an Alesis Photon.

However, I have done absolutely bog-all in terms of fixing things lately. (Ok, I ordered knobs for the Photon, and 3d-printed the joystick knob for the Delta)

I hope to have the Ion IDM02 drum machine fixed and sold shortly. It will probably take me half an hour all-in, but it’s just finding the urge to do it.

Maybe if there’s only “I’m a celebrity – get me out of here” on the telly, maybe that will work.. but tonight, it’s TOTP 1986..