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Analogue Solutions – Tereshkova

Tereshkova : the new modular synth from Analogue Solutions.

It’s a new version of the well known Vostok The difference between these systems is that instead the matrix patch and the Vu meter , a new LFO, two VCAs and two multiples have been added.

I like the name of these synths….

  • Vostok : the name of the Russian Space Program that lead Yurin Gagarin to be be the first man in the Space
  • Tereshkova : the surname of the first woman in the space, Valentina Tereshkova.

Tereshkova demo #01: Used with Oberkorn sequencer

Text from the video :

  • Tereshkova modular synth and Oberkorn sequencer. First ever demo.

Tereshkova demo #02: Messing with the joystick

Text from the video :

  • Controlling clock speed of sequencer (using VC LFO) and filter cutoff with the joystick.

Tereshkova demo #03: Long evolving demo

Text from the video :

  • Demo of modular analogue synth Tereshkova.

Tereshkova demo #04: finishing with a tour through the patch cables

Text from the video :

  • Demo of modular analogue synth Tereshkova. This is identical to Vostok, except that instead of a matrix panel and VU meter you get 2 extra multiples, 2 extra VCAs and an extra LFO. Otherwise they are the same.

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