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Alesis Photon Project – Knobs

I bought an Alesis Photon x25 midi controller, the one with the light-beam controller that responds to the position of your (left) hand…

This one was described as “grotty”, with a couple of missing knobs, a dodgy security sticker, and decades of dirt and smeg.

I’ve cleaned it up, but ran into trouble finding replacement knobs..

Alesis directed me to a seller of second-hand spares, who wanted $33 for one black knob. No-one has the clear “volume” knob.

I ended up buying 11 black control knobs from CPC. (ordered) to replace ALL the black knobs AND the white one..

Should be a nice unusual controller.. for £25 all-in.



AKAI SG01V – MIDI – Explain THIS, then..

OK, so I hooked up my (dodgy) microKorg as a MIDI controller to the SG01V. Plugged the headphones into the SG01V, and played some notes.
And got audio output. Except it’s the microKorg audio, clear as a bell, coming via the SG01V..
That must mean that the mK audio is coming out of the MIDI out.. AND that the SG01V is pivking this up and relaying it to the headphones… WHY?

Irritatingly, I can’t get the MIDI working via FL Studio on the computer. Drat, and double drat..

#10: ALESIS QX49 USB /MIDI controller


ALESIS QX49 USB /MIDI controller
by Alesis

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