Dr-55 Project Update

Just a note to say I have found the fault with the 4011 replacement: I tested all 14 pins on the IC socket after removing the chip and.. one of the pins does not beep on the meter.. how can an IC socket not have continuity from top to bottom?

Anyway, it doesn’t, so I need another socket.
Maplins in Middlesbrough is still trading, so I’ll give them a try..

Update: not any more. I did buy a new socket before they closed, though.

Still got issues with it. I think some solder traces are damaged. I have bought some new lead-based solder to try and fix this.

The dr-55 schematic suggests that pins 10,12,13 should be connected together, so a continuity test should confirm that.

Meantime, I “found” another (broken) dr-55 in storage.. More of the same..

Oops. I bought another dr-55..

Yes I know. Itchy trigger finger on the Buy-it-now button..

This one is a bit scruffy, rusty battery cover, and from the description it looks like another 4011 transplant.
Hopefully I can turn this around before I go off to Bulgaria in a couple of weeks. Already got a 4011ube and a 5501 just in case.. possibly an IC socket as well.

News Update | Boss DR-55 | Casio CZ1000 | Yamaha PSS 560 | Amstrad NC100

News Update

Aargh! I’m having a ‘mare!

Boss DR-55

I came across my mint DR-55 in my drawer at work. I haven’t looked at this for maybe 8 years!.. Got it home and the bloody battery holder is missing.. I must have “borrowed” it for another machine. I have ordered a couple of spares.. Check out the photos.. Note the condition is amazing. Even the battery cover is there – these are usually missing. I’m going to look at 3d-printing these..

Amstrad NC100

I found an Amstrad NC100 PSU in the same drawer. Works great, but the NC100 does not. Damnit. Opened it up using my new mini-electric-screwdriver and this.. Black and Decker, none of your cheap and nasty rubbish.. So much easier! However, I was surprised to find surface-mount components in a machine this old, and no obvious fault. Curses.

Cheap PSUs | Casio CZ1000 | Yamaha PSS 560

I found a local store that sells cheap multi-voltage PSUs.. (£5) – I’ve used these before, on drum machines, in fact I sold my last one with a Yamaha RX, but they don’t seem to have enough oomph to power either the Yamaha or the Casio. Damn*2..

Does anyone know what rating the Yamaha or Casio power supplies are? Answers on a postcard, or even better, leave a comment. Please!

** I did get a very quiet sound out of the Yamaha at 7.5v, but when I upped the voltage to 9v, nothing.. NADA. Arse. The power output decreases with voltage on these..**

I really should just get on with the Delta, and stop messing about.

Circuit Benders CB55 Boards available again.

Circuit Benders’ CB55 Boards available.

Looks like a new batch of these excellent boards has become available. Grab one before they are gone! My order is already in.

The CB55 is a modern version of the analog sound engine in the BOSS DR-55 drum machine.  If I need to explain what that is, then stop reading now.

The board does NOT include the “sequencer” part of the original. You need to find your own way to drive this thing, from trigger inputs or whatever.

It’s just the board. No components. So you need to source your own components, then fit them.

Here’s the link..