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News Update | Boss DR-55 | Casio CZ1000 | Yamaha PSS 560 | Amstrad NC100

News Update

Aargh! I’m having a ‘mare!

Boss DR-55

I came across my mint DR-55 in my drawer at work. I haven’t looked at this for maybe 8 years!.. Got it home and the bloody battery holder is missing.. I must have “borrowed” it for another machine. I have ordered a couple of spares.. Check out the photos.. Note the condition is amazing. Even the battery cover is there – these are usually missing. I’m going to look at 3d-printing these..

Amstrad NC100

I found an Amstrad NC100 PSU in the same drawer. Works great, but the NC100 does not. Damnit. Opened it up using my new mini-electric-screwdriver and this.. Black and Decker, none of your cheap and nasty rubbish.. So much easier! However, I was surprised to find surface-mount components in a machine this old, and no obvious fault. Curses.

Cheap PSUs | Casio CZ1000 | Yamaha PSS 560

I found a local store that sells cheap multi-voltage PSUs.. (£5) – I’ve used these before, on drum machines, in fact I sold my last one with a Yamaha RX, but they don’t seem to have enough oomph to power either the Yamaha or the Casio. Damn*2..

Does anyone know what rating the Yamaha or Casio power supplies are? Answers on a postcard, or even better, leave a comment. Please!

** I did get a very quiet sound out of the Yamaha at 7.5v, but when I upped the voltage to 9v, nothing.. NADA. Arse. The power output decreases with voltage on these..**

I really should just get on with the Delta, and stop messing about.