[Sold] Korg microKorg XL+


I bought a Korg microKorg XL+.. for peanuts.. the thing is I got carried away testing it and now I kind of want to keep it..
It looks and feels like a toy, but bloody hell, it sounds great!
Even without the manuals, I had no bother getting to grips with it, even editing the default sounds!
Anyway, it’s on eBay, but if it doesn’t sell for a decent sum, it will be staying. Did I mention it has the original box, PSU and mic? By tomorrow, I will have printed off the manuals on a booklet maker as well..

* Update – it’s gone! **

I listed this at about 10:30pm, and someone hit the Buy-It-Now button at midnight.  I used “require instant payment on Buy-it-now”, so I already have the money..

That’s 1 1/2 hours.! – A record, even for me. (I once sold an Electro Harmonix drum machine for 200% profit in 2 hours)

Now, you may think that I let it go too cheap, but I checked what the going rate for these was on eBay before I listed it. (advanced->filter->Sold Items), and I was bang on the money.

Lessons learned.

So what I learned from this episode was:

  • microKorg XL+s are excellent (I’m now a convert)
  • People will buy them (Ok, they don’t make as much as they should, but if you buy smart..)

You will notice that I didn’t say which channel I bought this item through. The reason for that is that I may well use this technique again in the future. (I have used it a few times, but never had this level of success (100% profit).

Oh, and the Boss DS-330 has a £45 bid on it. 5 Days to go on that.. Next up will be my Ion Idm02 drum machine. Possibly.

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