[Sold] Boss (Roland) DS-330 Dr Synth Synthesiser Module

Selling my fully-working Boss (Roland) DS-330 Synthesiser module.

Nice and compact, and very capable, but it doesn’t fit with the rest of my setup..

I’m including a brand-new power supply unit (12vAC) – these are specific to Roland equipment, and worth about £15 on their own.

Also included is a printed, folded, stapled copy of the user manual.

Here’s the link..

It’s up for £45 start price, which I think is fair considering the condition and what’s included.

Oh, and it has bids.. it will sell in 5 days..


** Final Update: it sold for £46 **

I originally paid £50 for it. I then claimed £15 back from the seller as there was no power supply. I then paid £11 for a power supply from eBay.

so overall, a zero-sum transaction.. ANd I got to play with a DS-330 for a month.







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