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A few months ago, I bought a Novation XIO25..

It was described as “mostly working”, and it was – except it would randomly flash things up on screen and alter values without pressing buttons or twiddling knobs. Almost as if there was some muck in the controls..

As I was bored, I thought I’d have a bash at this. I bought some Servisol 10 to use on the Korg Delta, and I also had an air duster to hand..

Five screws and two awkward ribbon connectors later and the top is off.  Ten more screws and the control board is out. The display is underneath, held by two recessed screws.

Ten minutes later, and I have the front off and the controls circuit board out.. all controls cleaned and lubricated.

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I wish putting it back together was as simple.. the problem is the rubber membrane buttons. It took three attempts to get the damned  things to poke through the holes properly. Oh, and the screws for the display are a pig to get back in as they are recessed under the control board.

BUT. It all works. No arsing about on the display.

I LOVE this machine!

Five minutes later, and I’ve mastered the control system, written my first patch (Enola Lead), and I’m Paul Humphries.. this thing is infectious so I’m trying to figure out “Dresden” by memory and ear.. I think my XIO is a bit cheaper than his Fantom X8..

I’m going to have to stop finding excuses and just crack on with the Delta repairs, but it’s big and scary..

Sorry, I didn’t take any photos, as I didn’t have time.. I need to sleep sometimes..

The problem is, I bought this with the intention of fixing it and selling it on. Now it works, I want to keep it..

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  • This machine is now 100% working. It is NOT for sale. I love it!
    I’ve created a pretty-good OMD lead patch (think Dresden), and I’m not parting with it..

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