Korg Delta Project – To Do List

  1. Only works in bandpass mode. Replace filter capacitors and possibly 13600 chips. See Markus Fuller video. I have the kit sold by Taunus_OSI on ebay. (Many thanks to Amilcar for his advice on the S10430 issue)
  2. Fix the controls. Replace the broken release slider and  Trigger mode switch. Both parts bought on ebay about a year ago. Should be a piece of cake after the S10430 saga..
  3. Fix the joystick. The end has broken off, although it still works. I replaced the joystick panel ages ago.
  4. Replace the RHS end panel. This has a chunk missing out of the corner.  Synthsnstuff (ebay) suggested getting custom wooden end panels made. Something like this..I’m looking into this..
  5. Decide what to do with it!

Right Now on eBay 

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