Korg Delta Project – [Introduction]

I just picked up a Korg Delta for peanuts on Gumtree. Of course, it has a few issues:

  1. Broken “Phones” Jack
  2. Only works in Band pass mode, not Low pass
  3. Resonance doesn’t work.
  4. All A# keys fail to sound.
  5. Broken Joystick & casing
  6. Cosmetic issues: missing fader caps and a damaged slider


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My (admittedly minimal) research has resulted in the following:

  1. There’s a common problem with the filters on these machines – the capacitors dry out. It’s a fairly simple job to swap out four capacitors (and maybe the LM13600 chips as well, since you are already in there). I took the lazy solution and ordered a kit from a guy in Portugal on eBay. This should sort out the filter issues. There’s a great video by Markusfuller on YouTube which deals with pretty much this exact issue.
  2. The same guy in Portugal advised me to look at the SC10430 divider chips before I start poking about with the AY-3-0214 (Top Octave Chip). It’s likely that one has failed, and I can prove that by swapping the other SC10430s around – the fault should move with the chip.
  3. A simple jack-socket replacement should fix the output issue. I’ve just bought a couple of different ones from Maplins.

Buy Korg Delta on eBay

I found a great site on WordPress.Com about the Korg Lambda, which is similar to the Delta in some ways I think.. I’ve been on there in the past, as I notice I made some comments on the CS-5 thread..

I’ll keep you updated with how I get on..


Here are some useful links:

Korg Delta DL-50 Service Manual

Korg Delta DL-50 Owners Manual.pdf

ay-3-0214 Datasheet

Markus Fuller’s Korg Delta Filter Fix video

Synthnerd’s Korg Lambda Thread



  • Fell at the first hurdle, almost: the Maplin socket doesn’t fit..
    Never mind, I have located some FREE replacements which I’ll try asap. Thanks Charles.
    I’ve just had notification that the “filter repair kit” has now been shipped from Portugal. Things are falling into place.

  • I am looking into replacing all 12 slider caps with non-original items and selling off the remaining originals. Depends on whether I can find something that looks convincing enough.

  • I’ve just found replacement caps. A bit pricey at £7, though. EACH.

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