Korg Delta DL-50 – Part 2 [Output!]

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I have now replaced the “phones” jack with a modern “Neutrik”-style jack. Yes, I know, for authenticity, I should have spent £30 and bought a new “output” unit, but that’s ridiculous! I got this jack for FREE and it works fine.

So, now I have output, I find I have misdiagnosed the filter problem: strings works fine on Low Pass, Synth does not. Both work on Band Pass, though. So, my filter symptoms exactly match those of MarkusFuller’s youtube video. That means I have ordered the correct parts to fix it. Yes! The kit is already on it’s way.

I ordered a replacement slider (“release”) as the metal stem is broken off. Then I discovered that one of the single/multi mode switches is broken. The slider seller has one of these as well, but believe it or not, ebay is having problems with Paypal payments today! I’ve never heard of THAT before.. I’ll see if I can fix my existing one first.

The VintageSynthRepair yahoo group has woken up (they require all posts to be moderated, but no-one was moderating..), and I’ve had a couple of useful replies regarding the missing A# notes. I haven’t removed the board yet, so I don’t know if the S10430 chips are socketed or not. I hope so.

So, here’s the plan:

  1. Fix phones socket 
  2. Fix filter
  3. Fix missing A# notes
  4. Fix broken slider and switch
  5. Cosmetics & replace slider caps.


  • I forgot to mention: the joystick (although snapped) is now working. I’ve glued the wooden mounting block back on, as it had come adrift.

  • The caps and LM chips arrived this morning. I’ll have them installed next week.
    The slider, switch, joystick panel & fader caps are on their way, too.
    I’ll have a play with the S10430s and see if I can get the missing A# notes back. if not, then I know where I can get a replacement. Not cheap, though..

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