Update: Roland U-20 / Kaossilator for Sale / Multimeter

** Update: I haven’t done a thing with the U-20. The XIOSynth is MINE! – Not selling.. **

I am expecting delivery of a Roland U-20 this week. It needs a new backup battery, which means re-loading the factory sounds (which I have already obtained – check out the “Resources” page..)

I just bought THIS..
Roland U-20

No doubt some of the key contacts will need cleaning as well. No bother there, I would think. I already have a can of Servisol 10, and an air duster. Sorted.

I know the U-20 is nothing special, but it IS a professional-level keyboard, and this one was as cheap as chips! I plan on selling it on asap.. as I did with the Korg 808.

I still can’t bring myself to sell the Novation XIO, though.

My Kaossilator is also for sale here: http://amzn.to/23VNEHk

My Kaossillator for sale..
My Kaossillator for sale..

I bought a new multimeter the other day as well, which may help a bit, the old one was getting a bit “random”. I got a “compact” model, which has everything including diode and transistor testing, for £10!! (My old one cost £25).  Here’s the link: http://amzn.to/23VNijO

My New multimeter - BARGAIN!

I don’t think you can fall off at that price..

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a cheapskate. I bought a set of four Poundshop “insulated” screwdrivers the other day. They’re good enough for Tommy Walsh, so they’re good enough for me.


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