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I bought an Ion idm02, with a dicky power supply, for peanuts. (from my usual source of bargains)

Basically, these are Alesis SR-16 units, but with trigger inputs so you can make an electronic drumkit with this as the controller.

They also function EXACTLY the same as an SR-16, which is my digital drum machine of choice..

This one has an issue with the power socket: wobbling the power plug makes it go on and off. Either the socket needs “tweaking” to make a better contact, or it’s come loose and needs re-soldering.

Either way not difficult.

This project is probably next, now I have shifted the Boss DS-330, MicroKorg XL and Alesis SR-16 (the one where I fixed the PSU).

My balance is looking decidedly healthy.

I need to buy some stuff, or I’ll end up spending it on a clutch replacement on the Megane..!



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