Hohner EK 2: All sounds now working. Just about..

I spent an hour tinkering tonight..I now have all sounds working: piano, harpsichord, electric piano, bass, brass, and.. tada.. strings. Piano was a wobbly connector, and strings have a dodgy capacitor on the crescendo function (I think) Turned that off, and.. beautiful strings..
Still need to replace a load of sliders and sort out a combined stereo output. I may have found a source for spares, too.


  1. Hi – I’m currently looking into restoring an EK4 – could you share where it was you located the spares or any documentation you found? Thanks.

    1. Hi Matt.
      I have not located ANY spares or documentation. I thought I had a lead on some spares, but apparently not..
      If I do find anything, I will post it here..

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