Bought a “spares” EEE PC 900HD, with the idea of transplanting the screen into my 900.
Turns out that the “Dead” machine just has a problem with the DC input jack.
Ordered one for £2.50..

If it works out, I’ll be using the 904HD, and parting out the 900 instead..

Maestro Rhythm Jester RJ-1

I have a Maestro Rhythm Jester (RJ-1) drum machine, which I bought years ago from Canada (I think).

It has Canadian power input (117v, 50/60 Hz). Says 3W on the back.
I’m in the UK, and want to convert to 230v/50Hz. Unfortunately, I have NO other info on this machine.
The Canadian transformer has two black wires going into the primary, and two blue ones coming out of the secondary. The code on the transformer says KS-T-0013. Anyone have any idea what sort of replacement transformer I need? Or how to analyse the existing one?
All help gratefully received..

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