The Roland DS 330 sold..

See earlier post..

I bought this due to “itchy trigger finger” syndrome.

It had no PSU, so I bought one on eBay for £15.

It turned out that it worked fine, but was covered in stickers and the remains of stickers.  Plus it needed a good clean.

Surgical spirits made short work of the sticker adhesive, and baby wipes sorted the rest.

Ultimately, this machine was not for me, due to lack of flexibility. Damned good as a general MIDI sound generator box, though.

I put it on eBay for £50, which is what I paid plus £10, which pays me for the cleanup. It sold within hours, which suggests I could have asked a bit more, but Meh?

Maybe my arty photos helped? See below, can you guess which are the “before” and which are the “after” shots..



Right Now on eBay 

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