Technical Issue with ebay links [solved]

I noticed yesterday that all the ebay links at the bottom of the posts were returning a “forbidden” error.
The links were generated by the “wordbay” plugin, which I’ve been using for years, but has now been superceded by something much better. However, I used wordbay as I was in at the start, and therefore got it for free. The new plugin isn’t free.
Anyway, I have taken the decision to replace wordbay with the “fast ebay listings” instead, because it IS free.

I managed to replace ALL occurrences of the wordbay shortcode with “fast ebay listings” shortcodes using the “better search replace” plugin.
Quite clever, even if I do say so myself: these shortcodes are in different syntax, so I translated this in two runs of bsr:

1. replace all occurrences of '{wordbay}' with '{ebay search query="'
2. replace all occurrences of '{/wordbay}' with '"}'

example: {wordbay}tc5501p{/wordbay} becomes {ebay search query="tc5501p"}

* I have changed square brackets to curly ones so it doesn’t get overwritten.. *

Job done. And all the links work.

** this may not sound like a big deal, but if you are looking for up-to-date listings for vintage chips, it’s ideal to have them on a page talking about them, automatically **

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