Last night, while browsing for something else entirely, I came across RAKITS. They make interesting electronic music kits, such as Drum Synth, Mini Sequencer, Atari Punk console, ect.

I’m most interested in the drum synth, which is a clone of the AMDEK PC-2 from years ago. It has a trigger input, so I can hook it up to my DR-55’s output and use it as an extra sound, but it’s MUCH more than that.

The mini-sequencer looks interesting, too..

There’s a website, but all their stuff is also available on (and probably etsy as well.)

The drum synth is £45 as a kit, or £65 assembled. Tempted? You bet!

Here’s the link to the RAKIT store:

Link to the eBay Listing.. (may have changed..)