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I have sold off all my “new” Korg analog gear (monotrons and monotribe). I need a REAL keyboard.

So, I bought a Novation Xio 25 – which is loads of fun, BUT…

I prefer proper analog. Especially KORG.

Yes, I KNOW there’s an M500SP in the garage. And an SH2000. But I want MORE.

So, when a semi-working Korg Delta turned up on Gumtree a few miles away, I made an offer. (I had the cash from selling my Korg 707 – thought I might like that, but meh..)

The seller wanted it gone, but didn’t want to ship it anywhere, so I turned up with cash. DEAL! She was also happier that I wanted to fix it not break it.

I’m still in the early stages, but I already have some output.

See the Korg Delta Project posts..

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