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Korg Monotron Duo - Duotron?

I bought a Korg Monotron ages ago, as soon as I could get my hands on a reasonably-priced second-hand one.
I was impressed, but it was difficult to play anything musical due to the ribbon controller, and lack of any quantisation features.
I then did the same thing with the monotribe, which DID have quantisation and was a massive improvement. Still getting into that..
Then Korg release the monotron duo (shouldn’t that be a Duotron?), which not only has TWO oscillators, but also has keyboard quantisation. Damn.
So, I decided to do something about it. I sold my original Monotron on Amazon (twice, don’t get me started on that idiot first buyer), and bought a Monotron Duo on eBay (using the android app, and manual sniping).
Believe it or not, I got a Monotron Duo (I’m going to call it a Duotron) for the same price as I sold the original Monotron.. (that’s including postage in both cases).

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