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Korg Delta Project Reboot

Please ignore the jar of pickled onions..
I have rebooted the Korg Delta Project.
I now have a semi-working Delta again, so I’m in a position to test those S10430 chips – yay! (see earlier posts)
I’ve been in touch with taunus_osi in Portugal (eBay seller and Synth¬†expert), and I now have a test plan..
As usual, time is a problem. I’ll post updates as I go along..

Here’s part of the conversation:

Your IC-3 must be the problem. You can exchange with IC-1 (all the D keys will fail) or with IC-2 (all the F# will fail). You must do this test before looking for the S10430. Sometimes, not very often, the top octave generator also fails. You can check for a high pitch with a signal tracer (or a amplifier) in the pin 11 of the AY-3-0214 (IC-6) – it is the source of A# notes. Finding a S10430 can be very difficult. Contact if you need help.

q292u (Me):
Hi, sorry for the delay, I was at work. It’s all the A# keys..

Hi Paul What notes are not sounding? Ex: C3 or all Ds Regards,

q292u (Me):
I bought one of these kits from you. I still have not got around to fitting it, but I recall that you also gave me some advice on swapping S10430 chips (my delta has certain notes not sounding.. Unfortunately, your (ebay) message is long gone.. is there any chance you remember which chips I should try and swap out? Thanks. I know this is a bit vague!

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  1. Sorry about the delay in progressing this – I’m having more than my usual time and space shortages.. sorry – that sounds a bit Stephen Hawking – I meant no time and nowhere to work on it..

  2. Tried removing a S10430 chip the other night. I can’t get at the bloody thing, as it’s surrounded by caps and resistors. Can’t get a screwdriver under either end. Ordered an IC extraction Tool from Maplins..

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