Hohner EK2 – First Look

I almost called it a synthesizer.. but really,  it’s not. But it IS analog (“analogue” – in English) and it has a “Strings” section.

In fact, it has several “sections”:

Piano (not working)

  • Piano
  • Electric Piano
  • Harpsichord

String (Very quiet)

  • Strings

Brass (Working)

  • Brass
  • Mute

Bass (Working)

  • Bass

The complication here is that there are two mono outputs (labelled as stereo on the back, confusingly). Brass only appears in the RH channel. Strings are on the left channel, but way too quiet. Bass is on both, I think.

The seller said that only the bass worked, so I think he only checked the left channel. I’m either going to add a “combined” output (stereo jack), or make up a lead that does the same job.

The piano presets light up, but nothing comes out.  I REALLY want the strings to work, as that’s what I bought it for. The brass works and is loud, but the release doesn’t do anything.

I have been in touch with Hohner, who confirmed that it’s really a re-badged Italian machine (Excelsior, maybe made by Elex).

That was what happened with the previous Hohner I had, years ago. (That was a monster). Unfortunately, there is no documentation on this machine available.. There is a really good Youtube video of someone playing an (Excelsior) EK 2..

Physically, it looks it’s age (1970s), and a lot of the sliders have their stems broken off. One slider is not visible from the outside.  I should be able to source similar sliders and get this thing going again.


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