Korg 770 Synthesizer User Manual

This was created by dismantling and scanning a very old and yellowed original manual. The scans were then processed and cleaned up using Photoshop, and the results assembled into an Adobe Pdf file.
Where else are you going to find a manual for a Korg 770?

This manual consists of 14 Pages.

Page 1: Major features

Page 2: Fundamental Components

Page 3: Front Panel & Knobs

Page 4: Connections

Page 5: VCO1

Page 6: Waveforms/VCO2

Page 7: VCF

Page 8: Envelope

Page 9: ADSR

Page 10: Range/Trigger/Expand

Page 11: VCO Modulator/Portamento

Page 12: Block Diagram

Page 13: Specifications

Page 14: Rear Cover

This manual is provided as a PDF document, without an index.