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First video featuring the new Corsynth C101 OTA Lowpass Filter. Corsynth C101 Overview + FMText from the video :Corsynth is an small company from the Northwest of Spain dedicated to manufacture modules for analogue modular synthesizers.The C101 OTA Lo…

I’ve started a small company dedicated to manufacture modules in DOTCOM format for modular synthesizers.The first module is the C101 OTA Lowpass filter a four pole low pass filter ( 24db/octave ) based on four cascade OTA-stages. The design is simila…

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Brand : KorgModel : MonotronYear : 2010Technology : AnalogSynthesis Method : Subtractive ,Polyphony : Monophonickorg monotron vs MS-20 (low pitch tone)korg monotron vs MS-20 (mid pitch tone)korg monotron vs MS-20 (high pitch tone)Source…

  • Brand : Roland
  • Model : System 700
  • Year : 1976
  • Technology : Analog Modular
  • Synthesis Method : Subtractive , Additive…..
  • Polyphony : Monophonic / Polyphonic

Rare Chance To See and Hear Roland System 700

Text from the video :

  • So I get an email from a friend saying “Have you seen this?” I check the link and am confronted by the wonderful Roland System 700 – a beast of a modular from the late 1970’s that’s in immaculate condition. Of course, I’d love to buy it I say, but I suspect the final price is likely to be a tad out of my reach (it was at £18k when I looked). But its in Bath came the reply. Right then, a quick message to the seller and off I went to take a look.

    Kindly, Mark who is selling this as part of a collection for Ian Stanley, a former Tears for Fears keyboard player and producer with a long list of credits (Human League, Aha etc), invited me round to take a last look at it before it heads off to it’s lucky new owner

      System 700 Facts

    • Made from 1976-1982
    • Weighs over 160KG in case
    • Originally cost over £10,000
    • Full system has 9 oscillators
    • Power is distributed using standard mains IEC connectors, but the voltage is much lower – so don’t plug it in to the the mains!

    • Users include: Giorgio Moroder, Hans Zimmer, Isao Tomita and Pink Floyd

    Many thanks again to Mark for letting us take a look around. Keep an eye on some of the other stuff coming up from this collection at Mark’s merchant link on eBay.

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