Sold My Monotron. The Monotribe is still up for sale on Amazon..

The monotron (duo) has gone.
I just never used it, which is the same for the Monotribe.
It’s on Amazon. Look for Monotribe, click used, mine’s up for £99.99 (q292u)
Full working order, all original packaging etc. Even got batteries.

Korg Monotron Upgrade

Korg Monotron Duo - Duotron?

I bought a Korg Monotron ages ago, as soon as I could get my hands on a reasonably-priced second-hand one.
I was impressed, but it was difficult to play anything musical due to the ribbon controller, and lack of any quantisation features.
I then did the same thing with the monotribe, which DID have quantisation and was a massive improvement. Still getting into that..
Then Korg release the monotron duo (shouldn’t that be a Duotron?), which not only has TWO oscillators, but also has keyboard quantisation. Damn.
So, I decided to do something about it. I sold my original Monotron on Amazon (twice, don’t get me started on that idiot first buyer), and bought a Monotron Duo on eBay (using the android app, and manual sniping).
Believe it or not, I got a Monotron Duo (I’m going to call it a Duotron) for the same price as I sold the original Monotron.. (that’s including postage in both cases).

Just stumbled across this excellent electronic music hardware site while searching for Korg Monotron mods..

My Korg Monotron has arrived!

Just received my Korg Monotron.
Bought on ebay last week, but not shipped until Saturday morning.. 🙁
I can’t believe how SMALL it is! The (boxed) item is the size of a pocket calculator, but the sounds are pretty amazing.
The LFO only having one waveform (ramp) is limiting, though.
Unfortunately, I’ve now noticed the Korg Monotribe. That’s even more up my street..