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Boss DR-55 4011 Chip replacement. Part 2: Installing IC Socket and new chip.

Here’s part 2 of the replacement of the 4011 chip. I bought a cheap (and very nasty) 29p 14-pin IC socket from Maplins, plus a CD4011Bp (not the correct UBP) for 49p.   Follow the pictures above and you’ll see how easy this is.. Install new socket (a bit of soldering) Insert chip Re-assemble (see … Read more

Boss DR-55 4011 Chip replacement. Part 1: Removal

So my DR-55 isn’t working. It won’t program at all. All I get is the hats. Based on previous experience with these machines, I’m going to start by replacing the 4011 chip. It’s important to get the RIGHT chip. I’ve had some work fine, but others not, even from the same supplier. The correct chip … Read more