Vitalic video studio tour and interview

I had a Korg MS-20, too, which was super-expensive, so I had to work during the summer to pay for it. I bought a Novation Bass Station; I really love all the synths from Novation. I have two UltraNovas because I think they have their own character and

Concert review | The Black Crowes: Frontman's rededication energizes band …

The singer sailed with Only Halfway to Everywhere, and the band responded with a vintage funk attack led by the keyboardist and a vintage analog Korg piano sound. She Talks to Angels was freshened with an acoustic delivery that featured guitarist

Hava'da şok istifa

Hava Kuvvetleri Kurmay Başkanı Korg. Nezih Damcı'nın emekliliğini istediği öğrenildi. 35 sivilin hayatını kaybettiği Uludere olayında adı geçen Damcı'nın Gezi eylemlerine de destek verdiği öğrenildi. Damcı'nın emeklilik talebi 1 Ağustos'ta başlayacak

National Museum of Computing launches Summer Bytes Festival in Bletchley

Soundtracked by compositions of computer music made on the chronologically-opposing devices of BBC Micros and swish modern laptops, the opening weekend of this festival featured a two-year-old on a Korg synthesiser, a local mayor unimpressed by